Welcome to

Echo Energy Services

Echo Energy Services is proud to say that we are entering our 7th year of business serving Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. We are excited about our company and where it is headed. Our goal is to know what you need as a client and be able to deliver just that!

At Echo Energy Services, we provide oilfield equipment rentals, and 2 years ago we introduced a new division, that provides Flow Back and Well Testing services – we are extremely excited about this! We have several packages available to conduct Toe Prep, Frac assist, Drill Outs, Flow Back and Well Testing Operations; Certifications are maintained on all equipment which makes it ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

Over the last year, we have been fortunate to obtain and work for some of the greatest Oil Companies in the business from South Texas to West Texas and are now expanding into East Texas this year as well. Our clients are all repeat clients which makes us very proud of not only how we manage our business in the field, but how we manage the business from the office as well.

We appreciate you for taking the opportunity to inquire about our operation and what’s going on here at ECHO Energy Services LLC, if we can be of assistance to you, in any way, please give us a call! You won’t regret it!

STAR Program

Welcome to our program. ECHO Energy Service takes great pleasure in presenting to you our Core Values, as well as what we believe makes the difference in our culture and keeps us different from the rest.

ECHO is made up of some of the best people in this industry. These men have conducted countless man hours in assuring the best quality of service has been given to their customers as well as the project assigned.


ECHO has been fortunate to be able to acquire personnel that not only believes in Safety but lives it. We strongly believe being safe is the key to our lively hood as well as our business. JSA’s at the beginning of a job is a must to get everyone’s mind set and must be followed according to procedure. PPE are not just initials but our force shield to defend unsafe situations when they occur. Safe land, First Aid, H2S and Drive Smart training is what will bring us all back home to the ones we love. We also have been fortunate to locate some of the best equipment to conduct our operations safely and effectively. Because we depend on this equipment to conduct these jobs we take great pride in it and we want to ensure our customers that it is in top working order and certifications are maintained and the quality of the equipment maintains a fresh look.


ECHO believes trained personnel are certainly the greatest tool available on the market today. Without proper Training we set ourselves up for disaster. WE have been through some of the greatest training courses available to our industry and still there is something new to learn daily. The number one thing to learn about our job is that we don’t know everything and treat each situation like a new situation.


ECHO rewards good attitude! With a good attitude one can and will be more successful at everything they do. A good attitude will reflect good leadership and the reward is respect and accomplishment. ECHO strongly believes Attitude is a simple choice a choice we are able to make each and every day and during each and every situation. A bad situation will not get better with a bad attitude and can only make a good situation bad as well. So ECHO policy is and will always maintain a good attitude.


ECHO believes responsibility is everyone’s job description. Being responsible starts from the top and flows all the way down. There’s no greater feeling than knowing you can be trusted at something, and that all comes from being a responsible person. Being responsible reflects what kind of person you are. Can you conduct an operation responsibly, will you make the right decision, can you be on time, if asked to complete something will it get done? Responsibility covers such a great deal of ones being that it makes a person who they are. That’s why ECHO believes so much in it.

These few topics we have discussed cover what our STAR Program is about. We Stand Behind Our STAR!