At Echo Energy our goal is to know what you need as a client and be able to deliver just that! We are expanding our rental assets from 5K & 10K Sand Traps to 50’ Hyd flare Stacks, Vapor Recovery Tanks, 25bbl blow down tanks, Gas Busters, Flow Line packages from 2” 1502 to 4” Fig 100, Portable Mtr runs, and just about anything needed on the production side of the business.

2” 15K Flow Back Manifolds
(5 valves, 8 valves & 9 valves)

30”, 36”, 42” 1440 Test Separators w/ digital gas measurement

20” 5K & 10K Sand Traps

Living Quarters and communications (Command units)

1 MM/btu 10K Line Heaters

30”x 7’ vapor recovery tanks

50’ x 6” Hyd Flare Stacks w/ auto ignite