ECHO Energy Services would like to thank you for taking interest in our company and our new website that is now available. We are working hard to get you the information you are looking for. Echo strives on the opportunity to build trust as well as a long term relationship with our clients. Please take a second to check out our service lines listed below. And Thank You again for your time…

  • Equipment Rental

    ECHO offers the industry 5K & 10K sand traps, 6 inch by 50 feet flares with auto ignition, Flow line packages, 2” flow manifolds, 10K 1mm/btu line heaters, vapor recovery tanks, and much more. All equipment is certified and maintained.

  • Well Site Monitoring

    We have highly qualified personnel that have been in this business a long time and knows what you want and how important their job is. Reporting and downloading information that you need to conduct your operation effectively.

  • Frac and Plug Drill Out

    We have performed frac watch and plug drill outs for some of the larger companies in the eagleford as well as west texas. Upwards of 50-60 plugs per well and have had great success with our operation and with minimal damage. I just cant say enough about our team here and how they conduct themselves using the knowledge they have acquired.

  • Flow back operations

    Whether its flowing back a sand frac, CO2 frac, foam frac or even a gas frac we have done it all! We are no strangers to this business and what it possesses. Coil wash outs and circulating fluids are a huge part of our business.

  • Well Testing

    Our well testing techniques are top of the line hands down! Its extremely difficult today to find true well testers that fully understand we are regulated by the one and only RRC. And the information we collect and gather really matters. WHP,DWG, CSG, WHT,CK, MCFD, BWPD, BOPD, CL, GOR, BPM & BS are all part of our hourly check and will be recorded then reported to our customers. Sampling of Gas and fluids will be performed upon request of any customer. G1,G5, G10, can be conducted if necessary as well.

  • Data Recovery

    Data is what we all are after! This is certainly what keeps this business as well as this world going round. All date collected is kept and filled in ECHO’s records for you the customer for any future reference that you may need. Along with copies of the daily JSA’s and daily job sheets. Data from any and all of our services from rental to monitoring to plug drill out to flow back to well testing. Our EFM’s are downloaded after each job to collect all data of the operation performed.

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